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My Salah Mat - Educational Interactive Prayer Mat

My Salah Mat - Educational Interactive Prayer Mat

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This prayer mat offers a hands-on learning experience, facilitating children's comprehension and retention of the various components of Salah, from Wudu to the final Tasleem.

How it Functions: Embedded Sensors! The mat incorporates sensors strategically positioned where the hands, feet, and forehead are placed during prayer. When a child aligns their body part with the designated spot, the mat responds and guides them through the prayer sequence.

Packed with engaging features, this prayer mat ensures hours of captivating exploration for your little ones. Simply lay down the mat, and observe as your child navigates through the steps of Salah, accompanied by built-in instructions on performing Wudu, reciting surahs, uttering duas, and more.

Secure your order today, Insha'Allah, and empower your child to embark on their journey towards becoming a confident and knowledgeable Muslim.

Bestow the gift of Salah—a pivotal cornerstone for children to establish a connection with their Deen.

Give the gift of Salah; the first touchstone for kids to connect with their Deen.

Key Features:

  • Available in 15 languages including English, French, Arabic, and more.
  • 36 Touch Sensitive Keys for interactive learning.
  • NEW* Prays all 5 Daily prayers (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha).
  • Crafted from Waterproof and Fire-Resistant materials for durability.
  • Includes a FREE 12 Page child-friendly booklet on Salah and guidance for parents.
  • Illustrated Manual for detailed instructions.
  • Adjustable Volume with 3 settings for personalized experience.
  • Foldable design for easy storage and portability.
  • Trademark Registered for authenticity.
  • Quran Recitation by a Qualified Qari with Ijazah.
  • HOLOGRAM STICKER for product authentication.

The touch-sensitive pads of My Salah Mat detect and respond to specific prayer positions. For instance, when both feet are placed on the designated area, the sensors trigger the beginning of the prayer, followed by Surah Fatiha and subsequent actions as the knees, hands, and head touch corresponding locations on the mat.

My Salah Mat is a valuable tool for teaching children the fundamentals of salah, suitable for ages 3 years and above. Experience the joy of learning and practicing salah with My Salah Mat.

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